Tough. Puncture Resistant. Maximum Holding Force.

Titanium Stretch Film

Titanium Stretch Film was created to give our customers the highest quality of engineered stretch film available in the global marketplace. Our custom films and sizes are designed to maximize efficiencies and promote cost savings, while reducing our carbon footprint with less film in the waste stream.

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Titanium Epic

  • Quiet
  • Strong
  • 300% pre-stretch OSC
  • Great for B and C loads

Titanium Plus

  • Ultimate down gauging film
  • High speed equipment
  • 300% pre-stretch OSC


  • One-sided cling
  • 250% pre-stretch

Titanium Diamond

  • Classic gauges-classic film
  • Blown and Cast
  • 200% pre-stretch

Titanium Silver

  • Colors, UVI, tinted, banding, extended core

Titanium Sapphire

  • Prestretch